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Our Science Makes Conservation Work

Halting and reversing population declines in birds requires targeted, evidence-based conservation efforts. At IBP, we conduct the science that provides the foundation for effective conservation. Our research helps determine which habitats should be priorities for conservation, what land management practices benefit birds, and more.

When you support IBP, you support the science that makes conservation work.

We are a team of research scientists and seasoned field biologists with decades of experience in bird conservation science. IBP established and runs the first continent-wide bird banding collaboration in North America: the MAPS program. For 30 years this program has been collecting vital data on birds' survival and reproduction–information that is critical to understanding the health of bird populations. IBP also administers a sister banding program called MoSI, which monitors Neotropical migrant birds during the non-breeding season in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Data from these programs are used by scientists and land managers across the continent to develop conservation strategies, and to understand how climate change and other long-term processes affect birds.

Through our Sierra Nevada Bird Observatory, we work in cooperation with federal, state, and private landowners, conducting research that directly informs practical solutions to conservation and land management challenges in the region. We also work closely with the National Park Service, monitoring birds in the parks in both the Sierra Nevada region and the Pacific Northwest.

At IBP we don't keep our science to ourselves. We publish our research in peer-reviewed scientific journals, ensuring that it is accessible to the conservation community. With over 300 peer-reviewed publications to our name, our partners know our science is top-quality and well-vetted.

We also take pride in our legacy of training the next generation of conservation professionals. We offer bird banding training courses, co-sponsor fellowships for Latin American biologists, and train dozens of young conservation scientists each year.

As birds face a world in flux due to habitat loss, climate change and other threats, effective conservation efforts are critical. When you support IBP, you help us produce the sound science that is the foundation of effective conservation.

Your donations help us:

  • Address priority conservation questions identified by our scientists.
  • Expand the reach of the MAPS and MoSI Programs by increasing the number of participating stations and providing technical support to station operators.
  • Increase the impact of the MAPS and MoSI datasets–over 2 million records and growing–by facilitating our stewardship and distribution of the data to scientists and land managers.
  • Share our science by presenting it at professional conferences, participating in stakeholder meetings and publishing in scientific journals.
  • Participate in bird conservation science, planning, and advocacy efforts by consortia like Partners in Flight and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative.
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