Table of Contents: Volume 9 - 2007-2008

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Front CoverBird Populations, Volume 9 
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Hansen, J., H. Meltofte, and N. M. SchmidtBird Monitoring at Zackenberg, Northwest Greenland, 20061-12
Holmes, S. B., C. J. Sanders, D. Fillman, and D. A. WelshChanges in a Forest Bird Community During an Outbreak Cycle of the Spruce Budworm in Northwest Ontario13-28
DeSante, D. F., D. R. Kaschube, J. F. Saracco, and J. E. HinesPower to Detect Differences and Trends in Apparent Survival Rates29-41
DeSante, D. F., and J. F. SaraccoPower of the MAPS Program to Detect Differences and Trends in Survival and a Vision for Program Expansion42-75
Weston, M. K., and M. A. MemonThe Illegal Parrot Trade in Latin America and its Consequences to Parrot Nutrition, Health and Conservation76-83
DeSante, D. F.Introduction to the Reports84-85
DeSante, D. F., and D. R. KaschubeThe Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) Program 2004, 2005, and 2006 Report86-169
Gardali, T., and J. D. LoweThe 2005 and 2006 North American Breeding Bird Census with Additions for 2003 and 2004170-173
Gardali, T., and J. D. LoweBreeding Bird Census: 2003174-174
Gardali, T., and J. D. LoweBreeding Bird Census: 2004175-175
Gardali, T., and J. D. LoweBreeding Bird Census: 2005176-186
Gardali, T., and J. D. LoweBreeding Bird Census: 2006187-197
Baille, S., and J. MarchantThe Latest Trend Information on UK Breeding Birds198-199
Noble, D.The Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Initative200-201
Raven, M., and D. NobleCommon Bird Trends 1994-2005202-208
Marchant, J.Well-monitored Waterways209-212
Balmer, D., and M. GranthamPoor 2005 Breeding Season Indicated213-216
Glue, D.Unseasonal Nesting217-218
Glue, D.Barn Owls Flourish as Bee-Eaters are Out-foxed219-220
Leech, D., C. Barimore, and H. CrickNRS Concern List - Five New Species Added221-224
Collier, M.WeBS Feat Worth Celebrating225-227
Glue, D.Brambling and Siskin - Early at Winter Birdtables228-231
Thewlis, R., and C. HewsonChanging Fortunes of Woodland Birds232-235
Noble, D.The Importance of Indicators236-238
Raven, M., and D. NobleMore Than a Million Birds Counted239-241
Joys, A., D. Noble, and J. MarchantDecision Time for the Waterways Survey242-244
Grantham, M., and R. RobinsonKeeping it Constant to Measure the Changes245-248
Glue, D.Testing Season Beckons for UK's Breeding Birds249-250
Glue, D.Scops Owl and Black-winged Stilt Raise False Hopes251-252
Leech, D., C. Barimore, and H. CrickVolunteer Boom253-255
Collier, M.Milder Winters Drive Change256-258
Glue, D.Goldfinch Joins the Chart-toppers259-261