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IBP-facilitated Beginner and Advanced banding classes are held in cooperation with outside organizations. Classes fill quickly, so we recommend early registration when possible. We also offer customized classes to suit your needs. Classes vary in price because each host organization has various site and staffing costs they must cover with the registration fees as well as the instructor's time and travel costs.

2023 Banding Classes

SUMMER - 2023

Banding classes are planned for the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in northeastern Minnesota. Registration is not yet open, but the tentative adult beginner class dates are June 24-30, 2023 and the adult advanced class dates are July 1 - 5, 2023. There will also be a youth ornithology camp for students (entering grades 10-12). The Ornithology Field Campwill be held July 9-14, 2023. Please contact the class host, Rachel Giemza for more information. When available, registration information will be on Wolf Ridge's website at banding class page or for the Ornithology Field Camp.

Customized Classes

In addition to scheduled classes through partner organizations, IBP offers customized training for beginner and advanced banders. Course length, content, materials, and timing can be adjusted to best fit your needs and can be arranged at a location convenient to you, provided that adequate numbers of birds can be safely banded, and suitable facilities for class-time discussions are available. Groups that have taken advantage of this option include volunteers who band together at a station, wildlife agency personnel seeking to develop or improve their banding skills, and many others.

Requirements for Hosting a Customized Training Class

Site and Materials: A suitable banding site is critical. Suitable sites should have adequate places to set up mist nets (natural habitats with thick understory without much disturbance from passers-by or domestic animals), should have moderate temperatures (55-85 degrees F during the morning hours), and should have reasonable concentrations of birds (about 20-40 birds per day using ten mist nets from dawn until noon). Nets at feeding stations have also proven effective at supplying an easily monitored set of birds for training purposes. Typically, the hardware for setting up nets (poles and rebar, for example) are provided by the host due to the difficulty in transporting such equipment. IBP can supply nets.

Class Fees

7-Day Introductory Banding Class

The following rates are typical for a seven-day introductory course with six participants at which the net sites were prepared by the host, but the bands were provided by IBP. Note the class host will need to charge additional fees to cover their costs which could include administrative costs, food, site rental, accommodation, etc.
Class preparation time1 day @ $600/day$600
Training and travel time*8 days @ $600/day$4,800
Trainer's travel, room, and boardApprox. $800$800
Providing/processing bands1 day @ $600/day$600
Training materials$110/person$660
Total Cost$4,460
Average Price per person$1,244
* If travel time exceeds half a day to and/or from the class, additional charges will be added.

4-Day Advanced Banding Class Fees

The following rates are typical for a four-day intermediate/advanced course with six participants at which the host prepares the net sites, and provides the bands.
Class preparation time1 day @ $600/day$600
Training and travel time*5 days @ $600/day$3,000
Trainer's travel, room, and boardApprox. $600$600
Bands and site preparationProvided by host0
Training materials$65/person$390
Total Cost$4,590
Average Price per person$765
* If travel time exceeds half a day to and/or from the class, additional charges may be added.

Class size

Class size is generally limited to six participants, though may be slightly larger if large volumes of birds are expected. If needed, two instructors may be available if there are more than six students, though fees would increase accordingly.


Courses tend to be held at low-cost but beautiful facilities, such as biological stations and youth camps. Participants in customized classes often live at home while attending the class. Costs for room and board, when provided, are additional, and vary depending on location. Accommodations for participants traveling to the class are likely to be somewhat rustic and courses are usually conducted under typical field conditions.


Our instructors are highly skilled banders with extensive training experience. Several of our trainers are certified NABC trainers and all teach and emphasize NABC ideals and curriculum. Most have years of experience collecting and analyzing MAPS data. The pool of instructors currently includes:
Danielle Kaschube - NABC certified trainer
Lauren Helton
Ron Taylor
To inquire about possible dates for a customized class or to discuss training possibilities in more detail, please contact Danielle Kaschube.