In case you missed it last week, IBPers played a big role in this article in Bay Nature magazine Birding Through 2020: Backyard birdwatching is lifting people up during the pandemic, social change, and political tension. It's a lovely article on how birding close to home can soothe the soul during these trying times.
The article's author, Marissa Ortega-Welch, is a former IBP field technician who helped us monitor birds in the national parks of the Pacific Northwest in 2009. And the article features two more IBPers! Joanna Wu, who is now an avian ecologist with the National Audubon Society was once a field technician and then an IBP staff biologist from 2013-2016. Ortega-Welch discusses her work on the "Galbatross" project which aims to increase public awareness of and scientific study of female birds. The article also covers the Cal Falcons project, a social media campaign documenting the lives of the Peregrines that nest on UC Berkeley's campanile tower. Cal Falcons is run by current IBP staff biologist Lynn Schofield and her husband.