Cedar Waxwing. Photo by sunrisesoup/Flickr.
Do you have a good photo of a Cedar Waxing? In an article in the February 2020 issue of Birding magazine, Peter Pyle walks you through the clues you can use to determine the age and sex of this striking bird. He even applies this method to the official art for the 2020 ABA Bird of the Year: Tony Fitzpatrick's wonderful piece "Communion of Waxwings."
A second article in the February 2020 issue tackles the mystery of the Bobolink. This bird's unusual molt strategy and migration confounded early European naturalists who thought that males in their flashy black and white plumage and the same birds in their streaky yellow plumage were two separate species. This is a two part piece written with Rick Wright who tackles the history of the mystery, while Pyle explains why Bobolinks undergo two complete definitive molts per year- a rare trait in a North American bird.
Bobolink. Photo by Tom Murray
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