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Long-term Avian Monitoring at Reserva las Tangaras, Ecuador, a presentation by Dusti Becker, Ph.D.

The Andes of Ecuador, famed for high avian diversity, lack many long-term studies of bird communities. Long-term avian monitoring at Reserva las Tangaras (RLT) in the Andes of western Ecuador, began in June 2004 based on mist netting (currently with the MoSI protocol), trapping of hummingbirds, habitat surveys, Christmas Bird Counts, color band re-sighting of Andean Cock-off-the-rock, and other projects. The goal of monitoring at RLT are: 1) to determine patterns of survival in Neotropical montane cloud forest birds; 2) to compare avian community composition in different habitats over time, and in dry versus wet seasons; and 3) to add to basic life history knowledge about Neotropical birds of the region. This webinar will summarize some of our results based on mist-netting efforts. For complete information and to join the webinar, click HERE