MAPS Chat Number 21, the annual newsletter of the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program, has arrived! If you are an individual involved with the MAPS program, now or in the past, we encourage you to take a look and read the latest MAPS-related happenings and share it with your banding colleagues. If you aren't familiar with MAPS, you are welcome to check it out and find out what MAPS is about.
This issue's lead article revisits the many publications over the last year that used MAPS data - MAPS data we deeply thank our cooperators for collecting! The issue also includes an article about a new way to study molt - using a photo library; our regular MAPS Cooperator Profile, "Banding at Bandelier National Monument"; a way to help track "bird food" with the Caterpillars Count! program; a listing of our banding classes; an update on feather sampling; new information on woodpecker molts and plumages; and, a celebration of the stations that have reached their 25th year of operation and a welcome to those new to the MAPS flock!
To read the latest MAPS Chat, use this link: MAPS Chat Number 21
Older issues of MAPS Chat are available in the archive: MAPS Chat Archive